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Design Ideas for Your Direct Mail Campaign


It’s tough to get noticed in a sea of direct mail pieces. If you’re thinking that a bright red envelope is all you really need, well, that depends on you. But if you’re looking for a bit of design inspiration, read on.

The Simple Statement

If it’s in accordance with your company’s design aesthetic, a simple statement with only the essentials are all you really need. This look could potentially fail to have an impact if and only if the quality of the materials used is subpar. Using high quality envelopes, paper, and other mail-related pieces is going to result in a classic look that will be appreciated by the older set. Although a lot of young people nowadays are also attracted to muted colors and simple styles thanks to the fact that minimalist is currently in. This kind of look would be great for restaurants that want to mail their menus or any kind of company who would be presenting a lot of information to their target audience. However, for those who only really have to give a small amount of information through mail, this could prove to be a ‘meh’ instead of amazing.

Paper Possibilities

With email campaigns, it tends to be easier in that you already know the limits of email. You can add links, photos, and a block of text. That’s pretty much it. But with paper, you can literally come up with hundreds of ideas. There is pop-up (yes, like your children’s books), papier-mâché, origami…oh the possibilities are endless! For food companies, constructing food out of paper is truly going to make a statement. It is still lightweight but the impact is really there. This is currently popular in food photography, but can easily be done with a direct mail campaign. To discover more about how to improve the effectiveness of an email campaign, visit this website: https://www.thetwincoach.com/


Interactive is a big word right now, especially when we’re talking about websites. But it’s also popular in the direct mail world, what with a lot of companies opting for interactive mail pieces that really sticks to the brain. There’s one company who made an actual vinyl player that can play sounds out of paper, one who made a pop-up storybook, and another that resembled an iPhone. Creating interactive mail pieces is not only big right now but it can also help you get your customers to take action. Remember, inject a bit of humor (if it’s appropriate) to also trigger an emotional response. Although some companies have been known to choose to pull someone’s heartstrings, a really funny joke or a funny interactive direct mail piece could prove to be a better alternative, as most people are looking for something amusing instead of heartbreaking nowadays. But then again, it depends on your demographic.

Go for Odd

Odd shapes, that is. If you want to stand out, using odd shapes like a circle instead of a rectangle piece of paper is one of the simplest ways to help your mail piece stand out. As long as you talk to your mail house of choice about your design ideas, even the oddest and quirkiest ideas could definitely work.

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