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Product-Defect Injuries In Chicago: Here’s All You Need To Know


Manufacturers and companies are required to adhere to all safety standards and do required testing before placing products on the shelves for customers. As someone who has purchased the product, you trust the manufacturer and assume that the item is safe to use. Unfortunately, thousands of product-defect-related injuries are reported in the US each year. If you have sustained such injuries due to defective products, consider meeting an attorney at the earliest. Here are some quick details for your help.

Know your rights

Whether the product had a design or manufacturing defect, you could sue the manufacturer for their fault. In some cases, even the seller or distributor could be a party to your claim. You can file a personal injury claim to seek damages, and the money will cover economic losses, such as loss of work and medical bills, along with non-economic losses, like pain & suffering. If you lost a loved one due to a product defect, you can file a wrongful death claim.

Be proactive and smart

Insurance companies behind these manufacturers and distributors are big names, and their claims adjusters routinely deny claims for one reason or another. Also, there are complex issues about proving a defect in a product, and unless you have watertight evidence, the case can be really tough. It is critical that you gather evidence, find witnesses, and keep all documents handy before proceeding further.

Know the deadline

For most personal injury lawsuits in Illinois, the deadline is two years. You are required to file a lawsuit against the product manufacturer within that time, and it doesn’t apply to insurance claims. Ensure you know these details and have the required paperwork to pursue the matter in court.

Contact a lawyer

Injury lawyers often take cases concerning injuries caused by product defects, and they know exactly what you should do next. They will also investigate the incident, talk to experts and professionals when necessary, and find witnesses. They may also refer to similar lawsuits against the same manufacturer and find other grounds to seek a higher settlement. Most law firms in Chicago will not charge anything unless you win; therefore, you don’t have to worry about a retainer fee or hourly rate.

Look for attorneys with expertise in product-induced injuries, and you can meet them in person to get a free evaluation of your claim. The lawyer will also explain the mistakes you should avoid that can otherwise complicate the case.

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