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10 Baby Products That Are Totally Unnecessary


After having their first baby, many new parents go on a binge of buying items. While some these items are essential, many of them turn out to be waste of money. Here are a few guidelines for new parents about items that can be safely avoided.

1. Baby Einstein Videos

In the 1980s, psychologists would often promote theories that education could begin far earlier than previously thought. As a result, a number products came to the market purporting to help children learn even before they could crawl, speak or even see more than 12 inches. Through the years, however, these theories have been thoroughly refuted; Baby Einstein videos have not been shown to have any effect on intelligence.

2. Shoes and Socks

Shoes are designed to protect our feet when we walk; babies do not walk. As a result, babies simply do not need to wear shoes or socks. All baby shoes do is provide frustration parents when their children learn how to remove them.

3. Nursery Themes

For parents, nursery themes can be warm and inviting. For babies, they provide nothing at all. Save themed rooms for later years when your child is able to appreciate them.

4. Expensive Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are essential, but expensive breast pumps provide few benefits over simple hand pumps. Try a simple pump first before switching to more expensive models.

5. The Diaper Genie

The Diaper Genie has promised countless parents easier handling of diapers. In reality, they continue provides very little benefit, and most parents will do better my saving the money and simply using the trashcan.

6. Bouncy Chairs

Again, this item seems mostly designed for parents. If your baby enjoys bouncy chairs, it might be worth purchasing one; for most, however, they simply take up space.

7. Expensive Cribs

Crib safety is important, but many parents make the mistake of overspending. Expensive cribs provide few advantages over cheaper ones, and the money spent on the more expensive crib may be better spent elsewhere.

8. Baby Monitors

In especially large houses, baby monitors may provide some advantages. In typical houses, however, the cries of your baby will be sufficient. There is little need to amplify these sounds.

9. Parenting Books

Parenting books are often bought by expecting mothers and fathers, but most eventually find that these books provide little helpful advice. Parenting is instinctive, and parents tend to know what is best for their children. If any questions arise, parents are often better served by asking friends and relatives.

10. Layette Sets

Layette sets promise to provide an easy solution to clothing newborns. Most who buy them, however, end up using only a small number the items included. Instead of spending money for a hooded towel, you might prefer to purchase infant tutu dresses or something equally adorable.

Parenting comes with challenges, and the sheer number products on the market can amplify the overwhelmed feelings that many parents experience. Take time researching the products you are thinking about buying, and try to avoid those that seem unnecessary.

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