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3 Things Parents Should Know About Mental Disorder in Teens


Teenagers tend to get moody, however frequent mood swings are a sign of mental illness. It is a common concern among teens nowadays. If your child is also having any mental disorder, you should consider taking them to a skilled mental counselor. Improving Lives Counseling Services are always willing to help a teenager overcome their mental illness. 

However, you should know the most important things about mental disorders in teens before taking any recovery steps. So, here are the things that you must know: 

1. Physicians Differently Explain “Mental Illness” Than Most People

Physicians consider certain criteria to confirm if a person has a mental illness. They tend to look for signs of depression or lacking interest in hobbies. Other symptoms considered in the diagnosis are changes in sleep patterns, energy levels, focus, task completion, appetite, and motivation. A teenager is likely to have a major mental disorder if they are experiencing one of these symptoms. Reach out to a counselor to control those symptoms in your child.

2. Types of Mental Disorders in Teenagers

Before opting for counseling services, you should know the mental illnesses among teenagers. Find them below:

  • Depression – Consistent feelings of anxiety, sadness, and emptiness.
  • Generalized anxiety – Extra worries regarding normal matters
  • Social phobias – Extreme feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness in social setups

3. Mental Illness Signs in Teens Depend on the Condition

A decline in grades and changes in social habits are warning signs of mental illness in teenagers. A child tends to stay away from people and activities they enjoyed earlier. Depression, anxiety, and social phobias have their unique signs.

Here are the symptoms of general anxiety disorder:

  • Easily get fatigued
  • Feel restless or wounded up
  • Struggle to focus
  • Experience irritation 
  • Feel muscle tension
  • Can’t control worries
  • Struggle with sleep, like staying/falling asleep

Here are the symptoms of social anxiety disorder:

  • Feel anxious by the thought of being surrounded by people
  • Struggle to talk to people
  • Fear about getting humiliated, embarrassed, rejected, or offended 
  • Worry about getting judged
  • Feel anxious days/weeks before a social event
  • Avoid places full of people
  • Struggle to make and keep friends 
  • Tremble or sweat around others
  • Experience nausea around others

The Bottomline

These are some of the most important things parents should know about mental illnesses in teenagers. Do you feel your child is having any sort of mental disorder? Take them to a mental counselor for healing.  

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