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10 Tools Every Developer Should Have


Web developers who want to be lean and not be burdened by a host of competing tools have alternative. The tools used for web development are meant to save time and improve the usability of websites that are created. There is a synergy between technology and creativity that can result from the web development process. This can be see by tools used by NJ website development professionals.

Adobe Photoshop

Web developers can use this program to design a complete website and edit photos. There are many opportunities for a good web developer to design and use techniques to create rich imagery. Files that have been created in the program can easily be converted to CSS and HTML for use online.


Users of the Firefox browser can install this free extension to check elements of web pages in real time for testing purposes. The tool will alert a user to JavaScript errors and DOM errors. HTML and CSS of a web page can be inspected line by line.

HTML Editor

A standard HTML editor is used for coding and editing of HTML and for metadata. This tool is also a benefit when conducting search engine optimization. Many HTML editors allow coding by hand or by cut and paste.

Text Editor

A quick and easy text editor for use by web developers is the Notepad++ program. This program offers tools that can be used to identify sections of code to modify in an error occurs. Another program that is also useful is Emacs.

Video Player

Videos are increasing being for content marketing and need to be playable by visitors. This means that a web developer will need to include a video player in the design of a website. A video player installed on your server needs to play locally hosted videos and be capable of streaming video. To learn more about the value of content marketing in 2023, visit this website: https://colonialsun.com/  

FTP Tool

The transfer of files from a local computer to a web server requires an FTP tool or client. This tool will also be used to download files that are stored on a web server. There are many free FTP tools for a web browser, such as Firefox.

Google Analytics

Measuring traffic to a website is a metric that is provided by Google Analytics. Developers can add the code to allow marketers to view bounce rates, page views, and other demographics. This is needed if a business, such as Internet Angel Investors, wants to analyze weaknesses and strengths.


Web developers can add CAPTCHA requirements for forms or other sensitive areas of a website. This is a way to ensure that a human is performing an action and not an automated computer program. Adding a CAPTCHA requirement helps to reduce junk responses and messages.

Markup Validator

All websites that are ready to go live on the Internet should pass WC3 validation. A developer needs to use a markup validator to check for errors in HTML and XHTML coding.

Browser Tester

Testing a website for compatibility with all major browsers is an important step in web development. A browser tester ensures that a website will look the same.

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