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How liposuction Improves Health


Liposuction is classified as a type of cosmetic surgery that safely and permanently removes excess adipose tissues or fat in the body. These fatty tissues are usually resistant to exercise and diet. This advanced procedure is not considered a quick way for weight loss. Instead it is used in order to shape and recountour one’s body by removing stubborn fat in problem areas. These areas include the abdomen, lower back, and the thighs.

These days, there are a ton of clinics, surgeons, and cosmetic centers that offer liposuction services no matter what city you are in. When I had this procedure done, I used Dr. Karlinsky from New Look New Life in New York. I had heard great things about her from my friends and when I went in the office I immediately felt comfortable and assured of this procedure. With the help of my doctor, I was able to remove fat from my lower stomach problem areas and show off my newly toned physique. Many people believe that others take advantage of liposuction for vanity reasons. However, liposuction has been proven to help morbidly obese patients through a significant amount of staged fat removal. This can help clients combat obesity in a slow and gradual manner while coupling the procedure with regular diet and exercise.

Reasons people have liposuction:

There are many reasons why people should consider this wonderful and effective fat-removal treatment. One of these is due to the fact that it can effectively contour the body and allow for proper slimming of the waistline. Aside from this, the fat removal of tummy tucks is permanent. It can help target hard to reach areas including one’s love handles and portions of the abdomen that are difficult to work out. Although it is not primarily made to cater weight loss, this cosmetic procedure is still somewhat beneficial to morbidly obese individuals, especially with the use of the staged adipose removal.

This treatment can be used by both men and women because it is conducted to allow slimming of the thighs, abdomen, buttocks, back, arms, chest, calves, face, and as well as the ankles. Clients who are in good health and who exercise regularly are considered to be the perfect candidates for this procedure. Nonetheless, obese clients can still benefit from the treatment through the use of a series of liposuction sessions.

All clients with good medical background that are under the age of 40 can immediately schedule their liposuction session with the doctor after having their blood tests and consultation. Those who are over 40 and are experiencing some medical problems should refer first to their general practitioner before undergoing a liposuction procedure.

Health Impact of Liposuction

This procedure can deliver instant or immediate results, which is what makes it popular in large cities like New York, L.A. and Atlanta. However, the healing process of the surgical or operated site will vary from one patient to the other. Nonetheless, all cosmetic surgeons should inform their patients about the recovery process of the treatment and the realistic expectations for the post surgery results.

The procedure is typically used with a local anesthesia and the patient is only expected to feel a slight discomfort from the numbing injection. It is common for the patients to feel a tickling and vibrating sensation as tools are used to shape the body and get rid of the excess fats.

Once completed, the health effects of a liposuction can be seen almost immediately. When people feel healthier, they are more inclined to exercise and maintain a healthy diet in the long run. Liposuction changed my lifestyle for the better. I hope it will positively impact the lives of others as well.

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